Preschool For Morons – Funny Stuff And Cheese #124

funny stuff, random funny stuff, really funny stuffPreschool For Morons – Funny Stuff And Cheese #124 we will be discussing the New York “preschool” featuring arts and crafts, Play-Doh activities and nap times for its unusual student body — fully grown adults ..
Join us live every Thursday at 12 noon EST. Watch at The show you “won’t get” so don’t try to! Use #fsac on Twitter. Enjoy Preschool For Morons:

Also on this episode we discuss Giada’s restaurant in Las Vegas that features a lot of lemon flavors .. we discuss how Renae sent her daughter to school with a special gift (a gun) for a boy .. Tom & Renae call their friend DJ Charlie to cheer him up .. and they appoint DJ Skunkie as the new head intern .. and they discuss the carjackers that couldn’t drive a stick-shift .. -

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